Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Search for Truth

An article was featured in my university's newspaper this morning about a woman who converted to paganism in a quest for the truth.  You can read the original article here: "Woman Converts to Witchcraft in Search of Answers"

I have a couple of observations before I get into the meat of this blog post.  First, I dislike the title.  It is sensationalist and misrepresents the article in order to make it seem more scandalous.  Second, I think Xaos Giovanni is very brave to allow this article to be written about her.  No doubt there will be a few people who try to evangelize her because of this.  From what I read about her, she welcomes these conversations as an opportunity to have an authentic dialogue about faith.  I admire her boldness.

Giovanni's example reminded me of something I often hear as a Catholic convert.  Usually when my choice comes up in conversation, the other person will say something along the lines of, "Well, if Catholicism works for you, then good for you." 

This sentiment shows a very wrong understanding of what it means to search for truth, and I believe every human being is called to search for truth.  This search is not about finding what works for you or what is convenient.  It is about finding what is true.  I can't think of any other way to say that.

The Truth (with a capital T) is by it's very nature inconvenient.  Searching for Truth has caused me to join a new community (and I'm a shy person); it causes me to devote hours of my time to prayer and worship; it causes me to love people I'd rather avoid; it causes me to write this blog post when I'd rather be eating lunch.  My sacrifices are tiny.  The search for the Truth has led people to live and it has led people to die.

I think the search is worth the cost.  Maybe I think that because I haven't been called to any great sacrifices.  However, whether it is worth it or not is not even a relevant question.  We do not get to decide what is real and what isn't.

So, Catholicism is inconvenient, but it is the most true thing I have yet to find.  I don't know Giovanni's heart, but someday I hope to meet her in Heaven and I hope that we can both say to each other, "I did my best to seek God and love others, and only by His Grace we made it."

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